I was approached to be a branding and marketing specialist for the thriving Sun City Lincoln Hills adult retirement community in Lincoln, CA in the early months of 2013. The community spans nearly 3,000 acres, with a total population of 11,000, and features two golf courses, fine dining establishments, a day spa, cafe, two fitness centers, and three swimming pools. The company's various brands were in need of an overhaul, and management was happy to sign an Extended Enterprise Contract to enable a floor-to-ceiling reboot. Multiple websites were created for the many brands, including the Kilaga Springs Spa, Meridians Restaurant, Orchard Creek Lodge, as well as two main company websites - one for the public, and one to serve as a comprehensive backbone of the resident community. Sun City has been described as a "Cruise Ship on Land", and it truly feels that way. Every month, new events such as concerts, overnight bus trips, holiday buffets, classes, etc., are given extra special attention, with custom flyers, posters, banners, and TV display slides being carefully crafted on a daily basis. This is my largest client, and I am most grateful to be able to help make every aspect of life at Sun City Lincoln Hills just a little bit more special.